P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen
P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen
P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen
P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen
P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen
P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen
P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen
P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen
P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen
P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen
P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen
P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen

P2 PRO 13.3'' Laptop Tri-Screen

  • 13.3-inches with 1080P FHD@60HZ Display
  • USB one-cable connection
  • Suitable for 13.3-16.5 inches laptops
  • Compatible with macOS(even M1 chip)/ Windows/Android phone
  • 13.3 inches Tri-screen (Mac OS/Windows OS/Android OS)
  • Only Tri-screen
  • Tri-screen+Stand
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A Portable Triple Laptop Screen Full Of Possibilities.Worldwide First breaking the single-stream limitation of the Mac M1 operating system and stops the endless switching, and allows users to see more and work better.

1. Plug in a single USB cable and adjust the stand

2. Open the bracket and clip to the laptop

3. Display your content on 3 running monitors


Kwumsy P2 PRO is an easy to use triple laptop screen with a design that one cable powers three screens as a solution for the working professionals, gamers, stock traders, entrepreneurs, coders, and students just like you - always on the go.
  • 13.3" FHD or 1080P Display

    A laptop monitor extender that the refresh frequency ranges between 24HZ to 60HZ, offering a vivid image quality.
  • Single cable connection

    Quick connectivity with any laptop with a USB-C or USB-A port
  • 207° Rotation Display

    Suitable for multi-angle usage scenarios on your extra screen for laptop devices
  • Triple Screen Mode

    Clip two screens to experience the laptop monitor's tri-screen mode
  • Multi-Device Compatibility

    A portable monitor for laptops, smartphones and tablets devices


  • Supports M1 Macbook Chipset laptops

  • Single-cable connection setup

  • Perfect For 13.3-16.5 inches Laptops

  • 13.3 inches FHD 1080P Display

  • Compatible with macOS/WindowsOS/Anroid Phone

  • 10 seconds set-up

Designed With Compatibility In Mind

  • Layer 1

    Windows OS

  • Mac OS

  • Android OS

Kwumsy triple screen-4



Kwumsy triple screen-5

Kwumsy P2 PRO Features

Kwumsy laptop screen extender-1

Adjustable Screen Parameters

The main adjustable parameters are brightness, color, scene mode, DCR, sharpness, and total 30 parameter setting options.
Kwumsy laptop screen extender-2

Aluminum Alloy Frame

High quality aluminum alloy frame, frosted process, more high end and durable.
Kwumsy laptop screen extender-3

Stretch The Bracket

Press the button to open the bracket and adjust the size to easily clipped for your laptop.
Kwumsy laptop screen extender-4

Adjustable Stand

Newly designed adjustable stand that providing full support to screens and maintain stability.


  • Product name: Kwumsy P2 PRO
  • For laptops size: 13.3-16.5 inches size laptops   (Minimum width 315mm&Maximum width 410mm)
  • Port: TYPE-C*2pcs, one is USB 3.1(through DP protocol), one is charging PD3.0 60W(20V/3A)
  • Built-in TF card slot: Transmission rate—12-480Mbps
  • Video signal: Transmitted through USB 3.0(Display Link)
  • Rotatable Angle: 207°
  • Contrast: 1200:1
  • Material: Full Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 3.34 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS, UKCA
Kwumsy triscreen-1


  • Laptop/desktops/android Phone (even 2020&2021 M1 Macbook laptops)
Operating System
  • 13.3 inches tri-screen: Mac OS/Windows OS/Android OS (Can't support OS X)

In The Box

Product List/ModelP2 PRO
Triple Screen× 1
USB C-C Cable × 2
USB C-A Cable× 1
Power Adapter× 1
Black Handbag× 1
User Manual× 1
Kwumsy triscreen-2


Kwumsy triscreen-2

What Type of Laptop is required for P2 PRO?

  • P2 PRO: Your laptop needs 2 x USB-A ports or 1 x USB-C port.
  • Please Note: If the power supply capacity of your laptop with USB-C/USB-A output interface is ≤10W, you need to use one USB-C to support video output and another USB cable to power the P2 PRO/P2S tri-screen.

P2 PRO Driver Download


OS DescriptionVersion
Windows 11、Windows 10 、 Windows 8.1 Driver V2.13 R03

Mac OS

OS DescriptionVersion
Recommended: InstantView display application with UI. Support macOs 13 Ventura, 2 Monterey, 11 Big Sur and 10.15 Catalina including MacBook Air/Pro (M1/M2 & intelpowered)V3.13 R02
Legacy Display Driver for macOS 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave and 10.13 High SierraV2.2.16.0
Legacy Display Driver for macOs 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12V2.1.4.0201


OS DescriptionVersionRelease Date
Android 7.1 and aboveV2.8.3.0Sep 28,2021


1. Can all laptops be connected with a single USB cable?
Yes. If the type-C port of your laptop can supply over 5V2A power, then you can light up the whole two screens of the Kwumsy P2 PRO laptop screen extender.(Note:Please make sure that your laptop has full function type C port which support power,data transmission and display,such as thunderbolt3 and thunderbolt4).
Use the Kwumsy P2 PRO laptop screen extender is to plug one end of the cable into the full-function USB-C port on your laptop and then plug the other end into the "Type-C" port on the Kwumsy P2 PRO laptop screen extender.

2. What is the difference between P2S and P2PRO?
P2S only supports laptops with Windows operating system(NO need to install drivers), P2 PRO supports laptops with Windows and Mac operating systems(Need to install drivers).

② The extended screen size of P2S is 12 inches, and the extended screen size of P2 PRO is 13.3 inches.

P2 PRO can realize USB-C to USB-A or USB-C to USB-C connection, while P2S can only have USB-C to USB-C connection. So make sure your laptop has at least one USB-C port.

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