1. I reside in Africa; can I get the KWUMSY portable dual monitors delivered?

Yes! KWUMSY is a multi-national company that delivers globally. No matter where you are, across all continents of the world, we can ship to your country.

2. How long does it take to receive ordered products?

We ship products to different parts of the world for delivery, and the delivery date will differ depending on your country. Generally, orders are processed within 24 hours and will be delivered through shipping within 7 to 15 working days.

3. What does the shipping cost?

Deliveries made via our website (KWUMSY.COM) are FREE worldwide. There are no hidden charges on product price; we give you the best price at market value. On the other hand, we deliver via DHL to areas that can be reached through this means.

4. Will I be charged for returning faulty screens (products)?

Not at all! All our products feature a 12-month warranty which covers the material and workmanship-based defects. Defects detected within 7 days after delivery are never charged. However, later discovery might attract shipping cost (only) – no handling fee for returning the product.

Please contact us before returning the product for detailed information on the return shipping address with other information.

5. Is there a warranty on your products?

Yes, all our products feature a one-year warranty which counts from the day of delivery. We deal in the production of high-quality display screen equipment, and they are guaranteed to last with a considerable warranty.

6. Is KWUMSY compatible with Microsoft Windows?

KWUMSY is compatible with Windows and any other Operating System (OS) that supports portable laptop monitor USB. Dragging of videos can be carried out across different screens via the USB 3.0 port and mini display port. Proven to work with a wide range of PC, but most preferred to use on traditional laptops.

7. Which type of laptop is KWUMSY compatible with?

The KWUMSY laptop multi-monitors are compatible with any kind of laptop with both a USB port and video output port. Regardless of the model or brand of system you use, Mac, HP, and Dell, among others, the KWUMSY screen can be used with it.

8. Can any other device be used with the KWUMSY multiple screen laptop?

Sure, other devices that are USB/HDMI/TYPE-C compatible such as android devices, cameras, video recorders, etc., can be used with this product.

9. Who can use the dual monitor for a laptop?

This product is the right choice for anyone who wants to have the best experience coupled with higher efficiency. From programmers to stock/forex traders to bloggers and engineers, among others, with the desire to make their work a lot easier for productivity.