P2S Tri-screen

PS:This is the instruction for Kwumsy P2S triple screen. If you would like to know about other models instructions, please refer to other instruction pages or contact Kwumsy customer service:



P2 S is a dual-screen 12-inch monitor customized for Windows OS and Mac OS. This plug-and-play device can be used without a driver, it features portable folding and dual-screen display. It is a perfect solution for quickly building a personal mobile studio with multiple screens that can mirror the main display or serve as an extended display, increasing work efficiency by 50% and enabling efficient multitasking. It also supports screen casting in computer mode and video playback for Samsung and Huawei smart phones, offering the best user and visual experience.

The holder is sturdy and easy to use. Simply press the lock switch lightly, and the holder will pop up automatically, then clamp it to the top of the computer screen, and adjust the size. It is compatible with 13.3-16.5 inch laptops, providing a convenient experience for users.

The display parameters such as brightness and contrast of each screen can be independently adjusted. As long as your computer has a full-featured TYPE-C interface, only one cable is required to connect and power both screens. A single screen can be rotated up to 207 degrees, so users may choose the perfect angle for the best visual experience.


Note: Indicator LED turns red when the device is powered on, and then blue when the device receives signal.

Installation and Storage

Front-facing Orientation

Connecting the P2 S

Single Connection Methods

Note: The output power supply capacity of a computer with full-featured TYPE-C interface is ≥10W, allowing the device to fully function with one cable

Connect to USB-C laptop with one cable dual screen

Note: Full-featured USB-C (charging + data + video output)




Cable Connection Methods if Additional Power is Required

Note: desktop/laptop/mobile phone with ≤ 10W in power supply capacity and full-featured USB-C interface (the screen will require external power supply)

Display Settings for Windows 10

1.Windows 10 Display Settings and Configuration

OSD Settings

Transportation,Storage and Use Requirements

To ensure the long-term use of this product and prevent accidental occurrences such as an electric shock, fire, etc.., please read all usage requirements and operating procedures before using this product and comply with the following

1. Remove the protective film on the surface of the screens before use.
2. The power input required by this product is 5V-20V +/- 2V, and its required sustained operating power is ≥10W.
3. Avoid excessive humidity and dust build-up to avoid any sort of failure causing circuit corrosion.
4. Do not squeeze or apply exceeding force to the surface of the = screens.
5. Avoid using sharp objects on the screen surface.
6. This product is suitable for general commercial and household use in an optimal temperature environment between -20 and 60℃.
7. Disconnect any power cables when the device is not in use.
8. The maximum folding angle of the P2 PRO is 207 degrees. When at the maximum angle, the screen should not be further bent or squeezed to avoid damage.