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Kwumsy H4 8 in 1 HUB With Dual HDMI Extender

Kwumsy H4 8 in 1 HUB With Dual HDMI Extender

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Kwumsy H4 is an 8-in-1 multi-functional HUB with novel functions and ultra-thin features.

This product features an all-metal exterior material, making it more sturdy and durable.
Has 3 TYPE-C (one power input, two power outputs), 2 HDMI outputs, 3 USB-A interfaces (one signal input, two USB3.0 Expansion), can expand two HDMI videos and two USB3.0 interfaces, with strong compatibility, faster and more stable data transmission.

It can quickly expand two screens. screen to create a personal mobile workstation. Just need your computer to have a TYPE-C or USB3.0 interface. You can expand two 1080P screens and display on three screens at the same time.

View content on the screen, increase your productivity by 50%, and enable efficient multitasking.


1. Product resolution: 2-channel HDMI supports 1080P (1920*1080P 60HZ) at the same time;
2. Product charging: 1. TYPE-C IN 24 W (12V/2A MAX); 2. 2PCS TYPE-C OUT 10W (5V/2A);
3. Transmission rate: USB3.0*3 rate 5Gbp/s (signal input 1PCS, 2PCS USB3.0 expansion);
4. Technical standards: 1. Data transmission USB3.0; 2. HDMI version 1.4;
5. Support MAC/Windows system;
6. Product size: 95.5x65.5x9.4MM
7. Product weight: 68g



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