KX 15.6
KX 15.6
KX 15.6
KX 15.6
KX 15.6
KX 15.6
KX 15.6

KX 15.6" Portable External Travel Touchscreen with 9 Languages UI Keyboard

  • 1080P@60HZ FHD & 15.6-inch Touchscreen
  • Multi-Device Compatibility
  • 360° Flexible Angle & Adjustable Height
  • Freely switch UI keyboards in 9 languages
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KWUMSY KX Touchscreen

This is a 15.6" FHD IPS portable touchscreen that supports multiple functions. It works with MAC, Windows, and Android, and it is designed to act as a stand-alone monitor or as an expanded screen for other devices—making working easier and more productive, and gaming and entertainment more fun!


KWUMSY KX Multi-Functional External Touchscreen has a 98-key touch keyboard that connects to your PC seamlessly with one bottom and becomes a split-screen monitor with UI Keyboard.
  • 1080P@60HZ FHD & 15.6-inch Touchscreen

    The 15.6-inch touchscreen will help you to cut your dependence on the mouse and improve efficiency by up to 150%
  • Flexible Angle & Height

    You to rotate the screen at 360 degrees horizontally, and at 180 degrees vertically.You can also tilt it forward by choosing between two adjustable stand heights
  • The Rotating Stand

    The KX base has a folding and rotating stand that allows you to explore multiple angles, rotate the screen to a position that better suits your requirements
  • 10-Point Touch Margic

    The touchscreen monitor features 10-point touchscreen technology for Windows and single-point touchscreen technology for MAC
  • Multi-Device Compatibility

    A Touch keyboard for laptops, smartphones and tablets devices

UI 98-key Touch Keyboard with 9 Languages

Take advantage of the Kwumsy KX UI keyboard, which lets you easily switch between nine languages—English, German, Arabic, French, Spanish Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish.

Flexible Use


Rotating Stand

The KX base has a folding and rotating stand that allows you to rotate the screen at 360 degrees horizontally, and at 180 degrees vertically.

Flexible Angle & Height

Flexible Heigh
Flexible Angle
The Rotating Stand

Flip Your External 
Screen Vertically!


Screen Projection :Turn Your Phone

When you connect the KX multifunction touchscreen to your phone through the Type-C cable, this unique keyboard will start immediately acting as the display of your phone.

10-Point Touch Magic

KX features 10-point touch screen technology for Windows, and single-point touchscreen technology for MAC

Touchscreenfor MAC

for Windows

Layer 1

4 TYPE-C Ports for Enhanced Connections

  • One TYPE-C full-function interface lets you transfer files, transmit video and audio and charge your device. 
  • Two 3.1 TYPE-C Interfaces and both of them are OTG Expansion Connectors.
  • One Type-C PD3.0 60W for Fast Charging.


  • Resolution: 60HZ@1920*1080P FHD
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Product interface: TYPE-C*4(USB31. PD 60w fast charaina protocol
  • Screen: IPS wide perspective, 220CD/m²
  • Power consumption: <11W
  • Speaker: 2 PCS
  • Compatibility: MAC/Windows/Android
  • Product size: 363.8*232.3 *17.9MM
  • Product weight: 1.78 KG
  • Product material: aluminum alloy

In The Box

Product List/ModelQty
KX Touch Keyboard× 1
USB C-HDMI +2*USB A Cable× 1
USB C-USB C Cable× 1
Instruction Book× 1