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Kwumsy N1 Three-Proof & Multi-Function Screen Extender

Kwumsy N1 Three-Proof & Multi-Function Screen Extender

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This is Kwumsy N1, the world's first multi-scenario, multi-application three-proof external screen, combining cutting-edge features such as a single-screen display, three-proof protection, a ten-point touch interface, digital photo frame capabilities, and a built-in mobile power supply.  

Get ready to enjoy enhanced office efficiency as well as unparalleled reliability in outdoor and challenging environments. This state-of-the-art screen extender is more than just a device; it's a comprehensive solution tailored for modern demands. With Kwumsy N1, practicality converges with cutting-edge technology to deliver a transformative experience for users seeking the pinnacle of three-proof products. 

Immerse yourself in a brilliant 1920*1080P 60HZ resolution display that effortlessly enhances both work and entertainment. When seamlessly connected to your computer, the 12-inch screen introduces a dual benefit with copy mode and extended mode display. This not only addresses the common frustration of frequent program and tab switching but also serves as an innovative solution to minimize user fatigue and significantly boost work efficiency. With this advancement, enjoy a continuous and uninterrupted workflow, even while working outdoors. Welcome to a new era of visual excellence and productivity enhancement.

Experience unparalleled durability with N1, as it boasts excellent three-proof quality—waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof. With an impressive IP68 waterproof rating, N1 can withstand water depths of up to 1 meter without any leakage. Additionally, it supports a 1-meter anti-drop feature, ensuring the product remains undamaged even in adverse conditions. No matter the weather outdoors, rest assured that N1 will continue to operate seamlessly, making it your reliable companion in all environments.

Discover the epitome of durability with N1, featuring high-hardness 7H glass that adheres to IK07 level protection standards. This ensures the utmost reliability and durability of the product screen, making it a steadfast companion in outdoor operations and harsh environments.

Engage with N1's advanced touch capabilities, offering a ten-point touch system with waterproof functionality. Whether touched with wet fingers or gloves, the screen provides almost zero-delay touch feedback, allowing users to interact seamlessly and precisely as they wish.

N1's screen supports a 16.7M, 72 NTSC color gamut, 400cd/㎡ brightness, and a 16:9 display ratio, ensuring that the screen's content is vividly displayed and clearly visible even in outdoor settings. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled visual experience with N1, where advanced display technology meets the demands of any environment.

Explore the versatility of Kwumsy N1 as it seamlessly supports a digital photo frame function display, video playback (including AVI/MPG/DAT/FLV/RMVB/MKV/VOB/MP4/MOV/OGG/ASF, and other formats), audio compatibility (MP3/WMA7/WMA8/WMA9, and other formats), and smooth playback of various picture files (JPG/BMP/GIF, and other formats).   

With its ability to adapt to different file types, N1 transforms into a comprehensive work and entertainment platform. Whatever your needs may be, N1 is ready to enhance your experience across a wide range of scenarios. 

Unlock the potential of N1 with its advanced TYPE-C features, offering a one-line connection to mobile phones. Effortlessly switch between mobile phone mode and computer mode, transforming your mobile device into a computer host within seconds. N1 supports Huawei EMUI, and Samsung DEX, ensuring compatibility with a range of devices.

N1's TYPE-C interface goes beyond connectivity, supporting PD100W fast charging for PC devices when connected to a PD power supply. Additionally, the interface features IPX7 level waterproofing, ensuring resilience in challenging conditions. 

Discover the versatility of N1 as it effortlessly supports laptops, desktop computers, tablets, game consoles, and various external devices—all with just one wire to illuminate a single screen. N1 is designed to be compatible with a wide array of operating systems, including MAC, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS, ensuring a seamless and unified experience across diverse platforms.

Experience unstoppable productivity with N1, equipped with a robust 5,000 mAh battery that ensures an impressive 6 hours of battery life (brightness, sound 50%). Not only does it support PD3.0 fast charging protocol, but N1 also facilitates external 18W fast charging for mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. Transforming into a reliable mobile power supply, N1 guarantees ample energy for your mobile phones and tablets, making it an ideal companion for outdoor activities.

Experience the ultimate in flexibility with N1's innovative bracket and detachable stand, offering disassembly, horizontal support, and vertical support. These features ingeniously solve restricted viewing angles, catering to various scenes and applications seamlessly. The detachable stand further enhances your experience, supporting both horizontal and vertical screen displays. 

Weighing just 2.2 pounds, N1 ensures true mobility with its lightweight and durable materials. Perfect for light entertainment or on-the-go office use, N1 redefines versatility while providing you with the utmost convenience and portability.

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